Rus CH

Female, s\w, " ", d\b = 26.11 2002
photo: Marina Bolotina
photo: Marina Bolotina
photo: Marina Bolotina
Yoda of Papa Stour Saxa Vord Leroy Saxa Vord Zemni Saxa Vord Timber
Black Moira v. Daisy's Cottage
Drumcauchlie Tamar Ace of Spades at Sonymer
Drumcauchlie Fantasia
Aras Damn Anghared Aisling CH
Thiges Wedde Simmer Twirre
CH Thiges Twirre of Willowtarn
Milesend Ring of Roses
Lionell's Christine a Cordial Joke Gentle Gardener v. T Paalterwoold
Lionel Despite the White of America
Bell Flower Flora - Donja Marklin Wild Jester Marklin Evening Sprite Pepperhill Naughty But Nice
Marklin Day Dream
Marklin Wild Jingle Marklin Espree
Marklin Wanda
Bell Flower Bella Donja CH
Twirre of Willowtarn
Forestland Target
Wyphurst Constellation
Bell Flower Butterfly Willow Tarn Themba
Kelmstone Bell Flower

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