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Lythwood Summer Storm at Terriwood

Moonlight Black Magic Follyfox Firecracker GB, INT, S CH Reubicia Blue Flame at Ruscombe Ruscombe Pipe Major
Reubicia Blue Rose
Follyfox Falcon Lady Jefsfire Jayare
Janluth Justina
Morestyle Fleur de Noel of Terriwood Morestyle Black Comet Felthorn Pipe Down
Morestyle  Fashion Model
Morestyle Lady in Clove  Pepperhill Blue Fizz
Felthorn Lady Luck at Morestyle
Lythwood Spritzer at Terriwood Brilyn Hellraiser at Tegwel GB CH Tegwel Toyboy at Chrisarion Tegwel Smudge at Tumberly
Marklin Wild Gypsy at Tegwel
Brilyn Classy Lady Yewdale Golden Flame
Brilyn Temptation
Lythwood She's So Lucky GB CH Keltihope Harvester Exbury Yorick
Keltiehope Honeybunch
Lythwood Society Miss CH Lythwood Steptoe
Lythwood Secret Love
Lythwood Songbird at Terriwood GB CH Evad Sommer Shadow Sommerville Smithson GB CH Crisanbee Goldsmith at Myriehewe Myriehewe Spanish Crown
CH Crisanbee Belle Helene
Thorntonhall Thoughts with Sommerville GB CH Mohnesee the Sorcerer 
Sommerville Sunset at Thorntonhall
Evad Cream Peach GB CH Milesend Stormwarden GB CH Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick
Chelmarsh Countess at Milesend
Evad Cream Eclair Evad Little Houdini
Evad Evening Star
Lythwood Summer Love GB CH
Lythwood Shalako
GB CH Lythwood Steptoe GB CH Lythwood Scrabble
Lythwood Sea Urchin
GB CH Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel Tegwel Gold Sovereign of Sherringwood
Lythwood Some Girl
Lythwood Second Hand Rose GB CH Lythwood Sir Stanley GB CH Lythwood Sky Master
Lythwood Spun Gold
Lythwood Spritzer at Terriwood Brilyn Hellraiser at Tegwel
Lythwood She's So Lucky

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