Female, blm, "Norma", d\b = 26.12 2005
photo: Elena Galdina

Rus CH
Landover Blue Frost
Faradale Frederick at Bothways Ruscombe Play the Piper Ruscombe Pipe Major
Ruscombe Runabout to Gemette
Faradale Fadette Faradale Facination
Vonstry Wedding Belle
Landover Fenx Landover's Black Flame CH Reubicia Blue Flame at Ruscombe
CH Landover Cerris
Landover's Lovebird Landover's Henry Tudor
CH Landover Bethan
White Coastal Little Emblem of Norge Est CH
Thoco's Napoleon
N CH Shmoon Sportsman
N CH Thoco's Winter-Charm
Thoco's Victorian Style
INT, NORD CH Shelfrect Stroller
INT, NORD CH Thoco's Little Image Lover
Est Ch
White Coastal Little Emblem of Eva
Est, SF CH
Sunsweet Emblem of Glory
INT, DK, Est, SF CH Doing Quite Right
SF CH Sunsweet Wild Cats
Est CH
Niittykasteen Niiduneiu
INT, DK, Est, SF, LV CH Bermarks William
Hopeatassun Tipsu

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