Female,  s\w,  "Betti",  d\b = 29.04.2009
(imp. France)
ow. Tatyana Orlikova, Kemerovo, Russia
photos: Marina Bolotina
Myriehewe Gordon Bennet Mohnesee Dreamsmith Sommerville Smithson GB CH Crisanbee Goldsmith at Myriehewe  Myriehewe Spanish Crown 
Crisanbee Belle Helene 
Thorntonhall Thoughts with Sommerville  CH Mohnesee the Sorcerer 
Sommerville Sunset at Thorntonhall
GB CH Pepperhill Magic Dream with Mohnesee  GB CH Mohnesee the Illusionist  CH Mohnesee the Sorcerer 
CH Mohnesee Sweet Margarita
Mohnesee Sheer Magic at Pepperhill  Lirren Paper Boy 
Mohnesee Touch of Magic
Myriehewe Ruby Tuesday Rannerdale Ghostbuster Rannerdale Royal Magician CH Mohnesee the Illusionist 
CH Rannerdale Red Velvet 
Rannerdale Candy Floss CH Orean Rainbow Warrior
Rannerdale Miss Angelica
Myriehewe Susie Black Faradale Fugitive CH Myriehewe Pirates Cove 
Vonstry Wedding Belle
Myriehewe Blue Stellare  The Meadsman at Myriehewe
Hanburyhill Blue Thistle 
Degallo Paws For Applause Degallo The Legend GB CH 
Orean Rainbow Warrior
the Meadsman at Myriehewe S CH Shelandale Blacksmith
Herds Hallen Hostess
Orean Charmaine GB CH Herds the Helmsman
Orean Moonlight Serenade
Degallo Sweet Magic GB CH Mohnesee The Illusionist GB CH Mohnesee the Sorcerer
GB CH Mohnesee Sweet Margarita
Degallo Serenata GB CH Herds the Helmsman
Degallo Look Who's Here
Degallo Legally Blonde GB CH
Evad Sommer Shadow
Sommerville Smithson CH Crisanbee Goldsmith at Myriehewe
Thorntonhall Thoughts with Sommerville
Evad Cream Peach CH Milesend Stormwarden
Evad Cream Eclair
Degallo Smarty Pants GB CH Degallo The Hustler CH Mohnesee The Illusionist
Degallo Serenata
Degallo Ruby Tuesday Degallo the Cateran
Degallo Sweet Magic

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