C.I.B, Fin, EE CH, HeJW-10, JWW-10, FinW-12

Male, blm, "Robin", d\b = 03.08.2009
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CEA/PRA/CAT free, hips B/B, all teeth
3 4
INT, Nord, Fin, EE CH FinW-10

Mainlands Powerpoint

GB, NL, INT, Nord, Fin CH, NW-06, 08, 10 KBHV 06-09, AmsW-06, NordV-08, SV-09, DKV-09, VWW-10-11 Edglonian the Real McCoy S CH Edglonian Strolling No Mad of Lochkaren
GB CH Edglonian Miss Sofisticated
Moorwood Sweet Sensation AU, NZ, INT CH, NORD V-97,  NORD DK CH Riabel Son of a Gun
Moorwood Glowing Personality
BERMARKS JAVA IN BLUE C.I.B, FIN, S, EE CH Lundecock's Xit from Hell INT, S, N Est, Nord CH Yosemite's Following Star
Romingen's Naughty But Nice
Bermarks Vaguely Blue Bermarks Drum Major
Dippersmoor Double Duet

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